Make a Difference

Help Inspire Empathy in Our Students Today


Our world is changing. Every day we are confronted with stories about growing intolerance, bigotry, bullying and violence. Because of this, CMH’s mission of teaching children empathy has never been more important.

When children grow into adults without a sense of empathy, it impacts everyone. We are all affected by living in a world where we lack the ability to understand and care about the experience of another human being.

Your support brings empathy to thousands of economically disadvantaged children throughout Los Angeles County. It’s an investment in changing lives, schools and communities – and in bringing love, cooperation and respect back.

All of our programs, while wonderful, informative, and fun, also require funding to keep running. Help us instill kindness and empathy in the students we serve, and help them pass that along to other children in their community through their Service Learning Projects.