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Empathy Rocks


We spend so much of each year working hard to make sure we’re reaching as many children as possible through our programming, and checking in with them to make sure things are going well. Visiting partner sites, meeting our students, and assisting our instructors is a thrilling whirlwind of activity, during which we do our best to pause as often as we can to appreciate the impact of the work we’re doing. As you can imagine, it’s not always that easy to stop and smell the roses!

That’s why we spend all year looking forward to our annual summer fundraiser, Empathy Rocks! It is a much-needed opportunity to raise funds and awareness for Children Mending Hearts, and a moment to step back, breathe, and take a pause to be thankful for the work we get to do and the students we serve. We think of Empathy Rocks as “A Day of Fun in the Sun and Giving Back,” and it is overwhelming the amount of support it takes to make it all happen. Our guests are treated to delicious food and lots of fun activities, and are kind enough to help us honor a few select philanthropists each year who are doing amazing work to give back, both to CMH and to other incredible organizations.

We’re so thankful to our honored guests at Empathy Rocks each year who are happy to use the opportunity to expand the number of lives we touch with our message. Every little bit helps, and we feel honored when celebs hit the red carpet to spread the word about Children Mending Hearts.

Every moment at Empathy Rocks is a representation of the spirit of what we teach in our programming. We teach our students to be compassionate and empathetic, and to be thoughtful about the way they think about and treat others. It’s not easy to get people out for a cause; with so much in the world today to pull our attention, it’s no small task to receive the kind of love and attention we received this year at our event, and we are eternally grateful for the support. That so many came out to support CMH is a great honor and motivation for us to work even harder.

And, of course, a huge shoutout to our wonderful volunteers, without whom we couldn’t make Empathy Rocks happen each year!


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