The CMH Global Arts programs are dynamic arts-based enrichment education that create global awareness, develop international relationships, build social activism and help foster empathy in disadvantaged youth who would not otherwise have the chance to know the world beyond their own community.

CMH provides participating youth ages 9 - 14 with colorful, engaging arts exploration that ties directly to building an in-depth awareness about a specific country that is currently affected by social/political conflict, natural disaster or extreme economic deprivation.

Each curriculum session combines:

  • Hands-on lessons in a selected arts-learning track (Photography, Fine Arts, Textile Arts, Anime);
  • Participatory exercises that build empathy-based social skills;
  • Focused opportunities to integrate arts-learning with social activism and empathetic understanding of youth in other countries.  

The CMH Global Arts curricula have been adapted to serve in summer camp program formats as well as in school and after school settings. The curricula are now serving as programming during school hours in select partner LAUSD middle schools.

“Children Helping Children” is a guiding principle of our approach to building a future of caring and compassionate global citizens. Every program teaches the concept of being aware about others around the world and the importance of giving back.  Each program also sponsors a public art exhibit at the end of the semester highlighting and sharing the students’ work with friends, families and the community at large.